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Flexible Team Composition

Expertise in Assembling a cost effective and flexible teams to augment with your Digital Teams - CACI's designated partner in India.

Apt IT Solutions for today's challenges

Tailor technologies to transform your challenges into opportunities

Quality Assurance and Testing

You develop, We test. Together we deliver an exceptional quality product

Corporate Training

Bridge Knowledge gap in Technology Trends that will help your teams to Jump Start fearlessly

Website Development

Elagant and Most Cost effective Website Development and Maintenance Support for Life

Digital Marketing

We can help you reach more and wider audience via Digital World

About Us

Vandana Voruganti
Founder, Managing Director
B.Tech Computer Science - Georgia Tech, USA

We are a group of specialists in software application development, quality assurance. We look forward to challenging and interesting opportunities and deliver solutions that aim to keep our customers happy. Our strength lies in our commitment to work hard and smart to meet our deadlines and targets.

On commercial front, we are serving CACI for several years now providing excellent service and we are happy to be chosen as a preferred service provider. We are looked at by CACI as an extended arm in India. We thank CACI ( and are committed to serve them. 'Technical expertise, and disciplined delivery are our strategy'. Please feel free to look through some testimonials from our customer space.

On non-profit organization related services front, we are proud to take part in supporting good deeds that serve mankind and nature. We are happy to make the non profit organizations presence on internet more reachable that allows people world wide to contribute their part in the work of the non-profit organizations.

Balancing our interests to serve commercial sector while serving non-profit organizations keeps our motive of being socially responsible individuals a successs.

Our team is what we are. Exceptional service attitude, communication skills, strong technical expertise has put as where we are now. Please look through to see some testimonials from our team.

Yathi Solutions - Yathi in Sanskrit means 'a saint'. All our work is internally motivated by valuable work ethics and attitude. We hope all our advisors, stake holders, team members continue to be our strength in delivering saintly work!

We believe 'To serve right is to live right!'


Web Application and Mobile Development

In commercial engagements, we have mastered in Augmented Application Development by paring our exceptional teams with our clients and their clients teams. We participate in Analysis, Design and execute work significantly in Development and Test phases

In Our CSR / NPO programs, we have been providing full life cycle services in Custom Application Development. We capture requirements in challenging and dynamic environment.

Our goals are to enable NPOs to serve better and easier to the community by leveraging latest IT solutions. We built Web and Mobile applications to ease their day-to-day operations.

Our expertise is in matching the People’s strengths to industry challenges.

Our Services in UX, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development and Custom Application Development spreads across latest technologies: Java , MS.NET, Angular,React JS, Drupal, Adobe, WordPress, Android and iOS.

Software Testing

Our test team has larger eyes than normal people Kidding, but our team has keen eye into details, broader vision into journeys of users. We equip developers with abundant steps to make their debugging faster and easier. We equip our project managers with statistics that let them make decisions on the quality of the application at any point.

We equip our requirements team with right questions that reflect most user actions thus keeping all our user stories complete. We play 'robots' using our automation skillset with tools like Cucumber, Rational Robot, Selenium, Sikuli etc. Ultimately, We wear the hats of end users to complete the efforts.

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CACI ( ) is $6.7bn Company world-wide. CACI Digital Solutions division has been our primary customer. It has given us an opportunity to be part of extremely interesting and top of the edge technology projects. We have also been able to contribute to their success in delivering solutions to high profile clients. We communicate openly, deliver systematically and work together with CACI Digital Solutions thus making it a successful partnership. We have been delivering exceptional work in top technology space such as Adobe CQ, Java, ROR,Testing ,Drupal,React JS, MS Technologes etc

Volunteer Together For Service (Vikasatarangini) – is a non-profit organization providing 100% free services in Education (Schools for the blind, schools for Tribals), Women Health Care, Cattle Welfare, Environmental Protection and relief activities from Natural Calamities.Our teams work with Organization, understand needs and develop end to end solutions to improve the reach on services. We provide solutions in Web Development, Custom Application Development and Mobile Development and Content Management using HTML5, PHP, WordPress, MS Technologies and Android.

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Yathi Solutions

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